Casual and Premier

Suitable and budget-friendly flatware sets for both relax and commercial occasions in coffee shops.

  • Wise Options

    Simple and lasting design options that you can use in coffee shop for years.

  • Easy Care

    Flatware made of best stainless steel with excellent rust resistance, dishwasher safe.

  • Various Specifications

    From table knives, forks, to little spoons, all features available to meet any needs.

Our Warranty

20 Yearsguarantee of high gloss, excellent rust resistance, and intact shape.

Stylish Cafe Cutlery Supplier

We have devoted ourselves to stainless steel cutlery manufacture, and obtained the honor to be one of the best suppliers in China.

It is a continuous improvement, which allows us to keep creating and providing our customers the stylish and creative cafe flatware options. Our lasting quality and professional support speak for themselves that you can definitely count on.

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