Super Crafting Tech from Moulds to Products

We make the first-class stainless steel tableware, which is precisely consistent with the mould.

  • Mould Craft
  • Tableware Craft

Moulds for Manufacturability

Mould is the key in the cutlery industry, which will decide the success of the latter product launch. For this, we make perfect moulds for perfect tableware.

The industry-leading steel like Japan SKD11, US D2, and German 1.2379 steel are the only options of JOY's for mould, which allow for more heavy-duty possibilities on mould processing.

Precise and Flawless Moulding

Our moulds are made of C12MoV steel and in tempered sorbite state after high temperature quenching and tempering. By this, the moulds can have an exceptional balance between hardness and toughness.

The highest mould hardness of HRC60 has a great contribution to fully fulfill any complicated and demanding cutlery shape demands. Because for the extreme fineness and precision, craftsmen need to process on the mould steel very repeatedly, which asks for greater hardness and ductility of the mould.


State-of-the-Art Moulding Technology

Equipped with two advanced workshops specially for mould processing and carving, we can implement your mould ideas on or beyond requirements.

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    3D Printing

    Upon the receipt of your design blueprint in AI or CAD format, our acknowledged designers will process the 3D printing and work it out precisely in accordance with your design. In this case, we have over 20 designers in our team to support you.

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    Heat Treatment

    The vital process to make a good mould will be the heat treatment consist of quenching, high tempering, and hot forging, which greatly improve the mould service life and function efficiency, and most importantly reduce costs for a more competitive price.

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    CNC Machining and Hand Carving

    Advanced CNC machining will tremendously improve the accuracy of the mould and the process effectiveness as well. While in order to perfectly realize and embody the delicate curve, bending, and handle pattern, detailed and repeated hand-carving is also essential.

Benefit from Our Mould Craftsmanship

JOY is crafting best functioning moulds that help you realize your design philosophy.

  • Best Implementation

    The fine craftsmanship of JOY, both manual and automatic, is well preserved to bring your inspiration into reality, perfectly realize and present your mould design.

  • Perfect Specifics

    Our skilled experts always find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, craft each mould details with the custom handmade and machining.

  • Special Suppor

    For regular and long-term partners, we provide more moulding convenience at a better price, such as mould fee return on bulk orders and mould preservation.


Highly Pure Materials

The top 304 austenitic stainless steel is our standard for high-grade tableware. Not to mention we only use full stainless steel to guarantee high purity and outstanding metal properties.

Only the best-selected stainless steel can fully meet and achieve high craftsmanship requirements. Moreover, we ensure the element composition and migration of our stainless steel strictly comply with the LFGB and FDA standards.

Rigorous Craftsmanship Quality Management

Fully equipped with laboratory devices, the experimental conditions of our lab are completely comparable to the world-renowned testing institutions, which allow us to maintain the most precise and stringent testing results.

In our labs, we are strictly and carefully carrying out the food contact test, RM chemical composition test, dip test, dishwasher test, salt spray test, hardness test, and drop test.

In case there are any disqualified products, we will execute defective product disposal to prevent them entering your shipment.


Meticulous Crafting Processes

Our pursuits for first-grade tableware is giving us great leverage on accomplishing every single step meticulously.

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    Hand Polishing

    It is the key to implement exquisite and unique patterns. To handle this precisely, we require most skilled workers. For whether polishing to the exact extent will affect the consistency and accuracy of each fine part. And we repeat the fine polishing for up to 8 seconds.

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    Hot Forging

    At least 40% of our ss cutlery are processed by hot forging, while only 10% of some other peers in contrast. Because this process is more complicated and difficult. But it never bothers us to use this technology to realize the full shape and the challenging thickness.

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    Ultrasonic Flushing

    Ultrasonic flushing helps to achieve a thoroughly cleaning so as to increase the brightness and rust resistance. After that, each piece will be fully wipe dry. Our workers will wear gloves through the whole production to avoid leaving any finger prints on the products.

Benefit from Our Tableware Craftsmanship

JOY is crafting seamless quality that meets or exceeds international standards at a best price.

  • Excelling Finish

    Our Ra>0.01um compared to global Ra>0.1um and general Ra<0.5um, meaning better antibacterial property, easy to clean, and food safety assured.

  • Splendid Hardness

    We ensure the hardness of each table knife reach to 48HRC-52HRC in accordance with the highest standard throughout the world, allowing the knife to work for really long.

  • Outstanding Sharpness

    Sharpness of the edge of knives comes up to 0.5mm, leading to a more efficient and strong cutting with less efforts of the diners. That will improve customer satisfaction.